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Creativity Moves: Creativity + Entrepreneurship + Community

Creativity Moves features inspiration and advice to help you launch big, creative ideas that make a difference. Learn from creative entrepreneurs, industry leaders, and artists who are using creativity to give back, do well, and inspire their communities.

Creativity Moves mobilizes your organization and your city's creativity to benefit the community. The programs bring together a wide range of the community, including creative professionals, artists, entrepreneurs, non-profit leaders, business leaders, meeting planners, educators, families, and the public.

Communities, organizations, and invdividuals come together to celebrate a shared passion for creativity and giving back.

Creative Professionals/Artists/Entrepreneurs

Learn how to build a successful career by giving back to causes that are meaningful to you, and meet like-minded peers who will inspire you.

Corporate Programs/Conferences

Develop ideas for creative events and programs that grow your company's brand and social responsibility while supporting local communities.


Learn powerful new approaches to increase awareness and fundraising for your programs by partnering with the creative community.

Public and Families

Flex your creative muscles, and get inspired to use your creative talents to give back to your community.