Helping Leaders Grow Big, Creative Ideas
That Make A Difference

We Help Organizations & Cities
Develop Innovative Servant Leaders

We Help Creative Changemakers
Give Back, Do Well, and Inspire Their Communities

Develop Rising Stars into Innovative Leaders
Through Creativity & Community Service

We help organizations, local leaders, and creative changemakers make an impact
at the intersection of Creativity and Giving.

Corporate & Organizations
Leadership & Social Responsibility (CSR) Training

Develop your organization's rising stars into effective communicators, collaborators, and servant leaders who inspire others.

Creative Entrepreneurs and Artists
Develop Creatives into Local Leaders

Train artists with innovative community engagement and social entrepreneurship skill sets to build capacity in your local community.

Students and Education
Service Learning & Leadership Development

Inspire your students to use their creative talents to follow their passion and lead their peers, while giving back to their community.

Community Engagement Training

Learn powerful new approaches to increase awareness and fundraising for your programs by partnering with the creative community.

Featured Organizational/CSR Training Program
Community Leadership. Listening, & Partnership Building Toolkit

This program teaches theoretical frameworks and practical strategies of leading change in your communities, and in your own organizations. The material blends experiences and expertise from community engagement, entrepreneurship, marketing/branding, social enterprise, and change management.

By the end of the program, each participant will have the tools to lead and participate in community-based efforts for social change, and in doing so, be leaders in their own organization and teams. The goal of the program is to provide your organization's rising stars and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) professionals with a foundation of knowledge, hands-on tools, and the confidence in their own abilities to make a difference.

  • Learn social media engagement and real-world networking techniques that help you listen to your community’s needs, assets, and stakeholders.
  • Develop your own "Leadership Story" and learn the power of being a Giver in your organization and in your community.
  • Learn how to build capacity and forge cross-sector collaboration opportunities to make a bigger impact.
  • Apply design thinking and creative models for problem solving and team building dynamics.
  • Learn to communicate and pitch your initiatives in a way that generates engagement and belief in your cause and mission.

Leadership Development
& Training Curriculum

Available for Keynote Presentations, Workshops, and Week-Long Residencies

Social Media Strategies
For Partnerships & Collaboration

Online tools to discover and nurture relationships with community partners, clients, events, and opportunities for growth.

Creativity, Play, & Art
for Social and Organizational Change

Learn techniques from Improv Theater, Circus Arts, and Design that will make you a better communicator and advocate in your organization and community.

Design Thinking
Problem Solving through Creativity

Incorporate Design Thinking and Community-Based Research methodologies for creative and collaborative approaches to real-world problem solving.

Storytelling Techniques
As a Leadership Tool

Effective leadership thrives on effective communication. Storytelling tools help leaders shape and share both their internal narrative and a vision for their organization and community

Listening & Empathy
Strategies for Genuine Connections

Leadership starts with genuine, active listening. Leaders who learn to listen to their teams, partners, and community have a strong foundation for success.

Servant Leadership
Leading through Giving

Nurturing servant leaders, who can think creatively with a giving mindset, is at the heart of our program's approach to leadership training and development.

Featured Workshop for Creatives
Creativity, Causes, & Careers: Actionable Strategies To Grow Your Brand

Do you want to apply your creativity to impact society and support causes that align with your passions and professional career? Each participant will leave with a clear action plan and enhanced clarity towards their brand, mission, and partnerships. Led by social entrepreneur, Jacob Weiss, PhD, you will be equipped with frameworks and tools that can be applied immediately to your ability to make a living and make a difference with your creativity.

  • Learn how a giving mindset can transform your ability to grow your creative brand, get noticed, and build your audience, donors, and clients through a powerful story.
  • Learn how to connect your brand with key partners in the community who will increase your opportunities to generate an income and make a real impact.
  • Learn how to listen for targeted opportunities and how to reach out effectively to non-profits, the media, and future clients.

In addition to the hands-on training, you will have the opportunity to build valuable relationships with a group of like-minded creative leaders, entrepreneurs, & givers. Creative group networking activities will help each participant make the most of these new connections.

I brought Jacob Weiss in as a guest speaker to two of my high-end group coaching programs for entertainers from around the world. He shared on three topics that riveted the attendees and had them brainstorming ways to connect their shows with community outreach. To date, I have not had another speaker that was able to handle the real time pressure of my group so poignantly. He can shift on a dime to meet the needs of the audience - a gifted presenter.

If you get a chance to study under a man that so elegantly merges the business and the show, the public and the private, the sponsor and the organization, take it! He'll motivate you to play bigger than ever.

-Barry Friedman, Founder of ShowBiz Blueprint